Everything that you ever wanted to know about conservatory awnings

The first thing that comes to everyone`s mind when conservatory roof blinds are mentioned is interior blinds. However, what many people forgot is that conservatory awnings are much better option and from some strange reason they are pretty under-rated. The biggest advantage of the conservatory awnings over indoor blinds is that they are much more efficient than them. The reason for that is because they are placed between the glass of the conservatory and the sun, so they can prevent the sun rays to directly hit the glass. That way they effectively prevent the glass to be heated. On the other hand, if you had indoor conservatory blinds installed by a professional interior design company in Dubai, the sunrays would warm the glass before hitting the indoor blinds.


This type of blinds is installed above and outside the conservatory. They are usually extended from the side wall and work best with brick houses. Most of the conservatory awnings are made of a single piece of highly durable material which is large enough to cover the entire conservatory. The quality of the material is the most important requirement when it comes to this type of awnings, mainly because of the different weather conditions day in, day out. Vast majority of the awnings are retractable so they can be stored when you are not at home. But because they are constantly exposed to all sorts of weather conditions with time they can look bit tired compared to the indoor awnings. That makes them less popular with some people who prefer good look over their practical side.


Whether you prefer modern and stylish, bold and bright colours, prints or plain there is a wide selection to choose from to suit your living space. An important feature to consider before making a purchase is if the awnings are UV – stabilized and Teflon coated so that the material doesn`t weaken too much from exposure to severe weather conditions. Also, the material from which the awning is made should be resistant to strain and to be coated with anti-mildew for staining protection. Some of the conservatory awnings that you can get with the help of an interior fit out companies in dubai are made of mesh fabric which is less decorative compared to other fabrics, but at the same time they are much more effective in reflecting the sun heat.


The structure of the awning typically is made from aluminium that doesn’t bend during use. The entire structure is hinged on stainless steel powder coated brackets so it won`t crack or chip under pressure. Nowadays, most of these awnings include a remote control, making them very simple to use. Some of them even come with weather sensors. As the weather changes these awnings will collect information and open and close automatically. Because of that they are also very popular on the market today as well.