Is Dubai a Creative City?

Now, that’s an odd title, isn’t it? First of all, how on Earth, can cities be creative? And if they do, what is it supposed to mean? These are all good questions and I will give you the answers. Cities can be creative, the way they are designed and governed are two of the illustrations of their creativity. Every new construction that is being built in the city, reflects its creativity. Is Dubai creative in these terms? Why don’t I present you the facts and you label it?

City of wonders is nothing but creative

Dubai is the city of man-made islands, the tallest building in the world, a 7-star hotel even though the international classification has only 5 stars. How can this city not be creative? Yes, the government was able to build it from scratch due to oil but it still takes creativity to build a megapolis in the middle of a desert. If you ever think that Dubai lacks creativity then take a night walk and look at the fountain shows. The combination of lights and dancing water will leave you speechless. Maybe the concepts of dancing fountains and light shows are not earth-shatteringly novel but Dubai managed to take it to the next level.

Mixture of cultures leads to creativity

Dubai is a home for a lot of foreigners and when the bright minds of different nationalities come together, creativity is inevitable. In addition to their effort to make Dubai better, the government also fosters creativity and encourages any idea that can add to the innovative look of Dubai. There is even a separate institution called the Dubai the Creative Center that gathered artists in one place and supports them to create something new. This is a common platform for different art-related specialists, who need a little push to achieve something big. Or for artists who want to share their experience. Whether it is art galleries for artists or rehearsal spaces for musicians, Dubai the Creative Center has all the resources to assist the creative minds.


You can witness the city’s creativity through art festivals, concerts, exhibitions and by attending movie theaters. Dubai is not just about beaches and hotels, it is art and creativity that fills the city with a unique atmosphere. Look around Dubai and instead of thinking how much money was spent on skyscrapers, think how could someone possibly come up with an idea like that.