5 Things You Can Negotiate When Renting An Office Space

Business centers in Dubai offer business owners and startup entrepreneurs outstanding office spaces where they can conduct their business and grow their trade. But these spaces can be expensive for business that are still in their infancy stage.

But business owners can still turn the tables and get some freebies from renting out an office space. If you are renewing your lease or starting a new one, here are some things that you can negotiate:

  1. Lease terms

Business centers and serviced offices offer flexible terms to renters. Mostly to accommodate business owners who are just testing the waters. Short-term lease is a common arrangement between these parties. Most landlord allow a minimum of three months for a short-term lease. If you are still wary about how your business would go, try to negotiate for a shorter lease term. If you are renewing your lease, negotiate for a longer lease with the same rate. Try to leverage your tenure and ensure the landlord that there will be no vacancy as long as you are meeting your lease term.

  1. Space improvements

Some office spaces do not allow office improvements because they want the space look the same as other offices. But you can also negotiate for small improvements that can make your office space feels like your own. Try to convince your landlord to permit you to do some changes inside the space like repainting and putting another lighting fixtures. In exchange, you can offer for longer lease and tenure.

  1. Rent escalations

At some point, landlords would need to raise their rents to cover expenses and also raise their profit. If you are worried that the rent escalation can affect your business prospects, be sure to raise this concern to your landlord. Try to negotiate to keep the same rate for a longer lease. This can be an advantage to them as it would lessen the vacancy rate of the property.

  1. Wear and tear

Sometimes, landlords ask payment for wear and tear of their premises. A chipped paint or broken fixtures would be charged to the renters. Try to negotiate these terms by asking your landlord to nix this stipulation completely.

  1. Subletting

At some point, your company would expand by acquiring other businesses. Be sure that your landlord is open to these changes and offer you lesser rate for subletting. Try to raise this early on so you can plead your case.

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