Are Internal Audits Really Helpful for a Company?

People mostly ignore the importance of internal audits; they do concentrate more on the external audits. Well this should not be the case, internal audits matter a lot. There are so many advantages of internal audits which people do not know about.

You can contact the tax consultant in dubai for the external audit but before that you have to perform the internal audit of the company. Here you will find the reasons why internal audits are so helpful for a company.

Helps in Achieving objective

Every company has some set of goals which a company wants to achieve. Basically internal auditing helps a company more than you can even imagine It helps a company in achieving the objectives of the company by giving the insights regarding what is being done right and what is being done wrong.

Risk Evaluation

Internal audits evaluate the risk of the company. It tells you what needs to be tweaked, what things need modification and what you should eliminate.

Effectiveness of all operations

if you want to analyze the operations of the company if you want to analyze the effectiveness of those operations then internal audits are of much help every company faces the risk  if you want to evaluate it, internal audits are really helpful.

External audits- What are they?

Basically if you want to know about external audit then external audits are those types of audits that don’t depend on the company which is getting it done. External auditors rely on the books of the company; a company performs their External Audit once a year, the things which they see in the company they prepare their audit report according to their observation.

You must have heard about financial audits, it is the most common type of audit that provides the financial statement of the company. The evaluation of a business is very important if internal control system won’t be  good then surely company will say so many issues it is really beneficial for a company the internal audits.


Another factor that comes up is the trust; if you want your stakeholders to trust you then you have to get the audit done. Audit report is the only thing that gains the trust of the stakeholders so if you want a good audit report, the internal control system should be good.

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