Office Equipment And Utilities You Need For Your Serviced Office

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Serviced offices are such a hit amongst business owners today, and for a good reason. It offers lots of advantages to starting entrepreneurs, starting from providing complete amenities and amazing spaces that any business owner would be proud to present to their clients and visitors.

But even though most of the amenities are already provided, you may need to bring some of your own to make the serviced office look and feel like your own. If you are going to go for business centers in abu dhabi, these are the things you need to bring:


  • Branded items

Although you are just renting the space, you need to make it like your own office, so it is a must that you bring items that speaks of your branding. Be sure to bring your office signage and ask the building administrator if you can hang them by the door. This is for your clients and visitors to identify your office space right away. Other branded items and equipment should be present on your office space at all times.


  • Decorations and furnishings

Serviced offices are already semi-furnished when the building administrator turned them over to clients and certain furnishings are provided like chairs and tables. But the administrators would usually leave it to the client to design the space according to their own taste. So do not forget to bring or buy some decorations for your office space. Remember that a well-designed space can improve your employees’ productivity and also make a good impression to visiting clients.


  • Your own drawers and storage devices

Drawers and storage equipment can be provided by the building administrator but to a certain number. If you will be needing more storage, it would be best to bring your own. Choose storage devices that can also be used as other furnishings to save office space.


  • Telecom system

This is needed, especially for companies who are renting several office spaces. Communication is quite important to ensure smooth business operations. If there are employees working on other offices, you may need to have your own telecom system installed or ask your space provider if they are providing such services.


  • Pantry utilities

Serviced offices shares a common pantry which are used by lots of people. Expect long lines and waiting time, especially during lunch time and coffee break. To avoid such, you can bring basic pantry equipment and utilities for your team to use during the rush hour.

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