Planning the best New Years Eve party

New Year’s Eve, nowadays holds a very important place in the eyes of many people. On this special occasion, many people prefer to spend the eve with either their friends or relatives through the excuse of organizing a party. A New Year’s Eve party should be mesmerizing and a memorable one. It should include a theme, music, fun, entertainment and activities for people to really appreciate the party. Doing all this all alone is extremely tiring and very difficult. But, the party is a must and that is where it becomes crucial and wise to hire a DJ for New Year’s Eve. The DJ has a wide variety of ideas to offer and plan for the New Year’s Eve party.


Hiring a DJ from the best entertainment companies in UAE is very advantageous as they will not only host the event, but will also make everyone participate. The first forte of the DJ is the music they have. The music itself can hold the dance floor for quite a long time. They shall animate the night and will keep everyone active by providing games and activities, which are very entertaining, fun, pleasant and above all full of life. Just before the party, they organize a warm-up session similar to ‘want it now’ game. This will create a partying and playful mood among the guests. In the ‘want it now’ game, the DJ will make a list of commands and the guests will be divided into teams. If the DJ, for example asks ‘for a woman with a golden bracelet’, all woman wearing a golden bracelet from each team run towards the DJ in front. The one to reach the DJ first earns a point to the team. The points are tallied and later a reward is gifted to the winning team.


Another popular activity found in the DJ curriculum is the eating competition. The most popular competition in this regard is the hotdog eating one. The guest that finishes like 10 hotdogs first wins. This can be a real battle between good eaters. Silly conditions may be applied, such as the person that loses, must mimic someone, thus creating a more enjoyable atmosphere. Another activity that may be an option, but not recommended if the guests are going to drive, is the drinking competition. The bet can be the first to finish 15 cans of beers is a winner. The competition can also be made harder by adding a bottle of tequila or other drinks. Thus, the party goes on all night. Visit website for more information in this regard.