Details about the most common types of cancer, their symptoms and treatments

Woman with breast cancer awareness ribbon

The term cancer is one that is used in the medical world to refer to more than 200 health conditions. When cancer is triggered in a particular part or organ of the body, it gets to be known as primary cancer. On the other hand, the term metastatic cancer is used to denote cancer that gets transmitted from one part of the body to another or from one organ to another. Then there are malignant cancers that have their symptoms appear way after they have progressed to a level where treatment is just not possible.

The most common types of cancer

Now, there are certain types of cancer that for some reason appear more commonly than others. A few of them are:

  1. Breast cancer
    The most common type of cancer that effects women, breast cancer accounts for nearly 180,000 diagnoses made each year during a weight loss in dubai. The causes of breast cancer are inclusive of obesity, a prolonged onset of menopause, late first pregnancy (after 30 years of age), high fat diet, heavy consumption of alcohol etc.

Even though breast cancer is typically diagnosed in routine mammograms, women are at times able to feel a lump in the breast, or swelling on the breast skin. Although a treatment plan is best crafted by the specialist, the kinds of treatments that are commonly used to treat breast cancer include mastectomy and lumpectomy. In mastectomy, the entire breast and a few surrounding tissues are removed, whereas in lumpectomy, the breast tissue that is impacted by the cancer is partially removed. As certain parts of the cancer might get left in, radiation therapy is necessary.

  1. Lung cancer
    Lung cancer affects both the sexes alike. Amongst all the different types of cancer, lung cancer is believed to be the one that causes the most deaths. The worst part is that the numbers of cases reported each year are increasing rapidly. The major cause of lung cancer is believed to be that of smoking along with exposure to asbestos. Also, there are two types of lung cancer, which are: non-small cell, and small cell.

In the early stages of cancer, there aren’t many symptoms that patients might report. However, the symptoms that do come up first are inclusive of blood in the sputum, shortness of breath, cough, and chest pain. In terms of small cell lung cancer, a combination of chemotherapy and radiation to the chest are used for treatment purposes. However, if the cancer is in its extensive stage, then a combination of chemotherapy, drugs and radiation therapy may be used. However, the only way to treat non-small cell cancer is that of surgery.

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